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WebMDSS includes two levels. The Classic WebMDSS offers Meridian's current weather and pavement forecasting service. While Meridian has offered this service for over a decade, many will find this accuracy and detail of this product to be equal to, if not superior to, the current MDSS solutions offered by others in the industry. More information about this product can be found in our Road Maintenance Weather Forecast Services section. The biggest limitation of this approach is that pavement forecasts make no assumptions about maintenance activity occurring, and instead is driven purely off the weather forecast.

The Meridian Classic MDSS provides detailed site-specific weather and road forecast information for selected highway locations throughout your city, county, district, or state. Classic MDSS forecasts detail the hour-by-hour changes that will occur to the local air temperature, dew point, relative humidity, wind speed and direction, cloud cover, precipitation rates, types, and accumulations.


  • Two levels of service: Classic and Best Practices.
  • Detailed site-specific weather and road forecast information for selected highway locations, providing detailed hour-by-hour changes.
  • Best Practices adds treatment recommendations derived from agency guidelines for road treatment.

Meridian's Classic MDSS also provides hour-by-hour forecasts of the pavement temperature and conditions (including frost). Forecasts are updated around the clock to keep you informed of the rapidly changing conditions. The details provided in each report allow you to take advantage of anti-icing techniques designed to reduce manpower and resource requirements.

Best Practices MDSS introduces basic treatment recommendations into the forecast service. It remains the simplest way to correlate the weather and pavement forecast to the historical or official treatment recommendation of the agency, often taken directly from the agency operations manual. Alternatively, Meridian can install a standard set of best practices, such as those from the FHWA.

The Best Practices MDSS web-based interface contains all the information supplied in the Classic version. In addition, new columns are introduced to display the treatment recommendations, as well as the alternate forecast pavement temperature and condition expected as a result of applying those recommendations. These can be contrasted with columns containing the base pavement forecast assuming no maintenance. Additionally, the best practices recommendations can account for maintenance that is assumed to have occurred had previous recommendations been followed.

Contact us today to learn which web-based MDSS solution is right for satisfying your needs.