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It is impossible to know for certain what tomorrow's weather will bring - but shouldn't you be equipped with the information needed to make informed decisions about how yesterdays weather impacted you or your product?

WeatherPlot was developed exclusively to serve the needs of agribusiness. With WeatherPlot™, field-level historical weather information is always just mouse clicks away. Although you can't control the weather, you can plan for it, and limit your exposure to future losses from it.

Meridian's WeatherPlot™ is your source for historical, site-specific weather information. Designed to provide you with access to near field-level assessments of hourly or daily weather conditions, WeatherPlot™ is your agribusiness tool for:

  • Prevented Planting
  • Historical information for insurance claims
  • Site-specific data for litigation support
  • Backfilling logs for EPA
  • Examination of non-performance issues for chemical application
  • Convenience of a one-stop-shop for consistent data export and use
  • And more!


WeatherPlot™ is a subscription service. Regional and national subscription packages are available. The scientific data integration process used in WeatherPlot™ provides reliable high-resolution (2 miles or less!) snapshots of the weather across the contiguous U.S. each and every hour, even in remote areas. Data can be downloaded in both hourly and daily "summary" formats. Just a few of the benefits of WeatherPlot™ are:

  • Site-specific weather information (no more using data from 30 miles away!)
  • Efficient and accurate record keeping
  • Easily customizable reports
  • Data exporting for research purposes
  • Accurate information, on demand!

WeatherPlot™ is a data subscription service. For more detailed analysis of events, contact us or learn more about our Event Specific Weather Evaluation or Expert Witness services.