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ESS / RWIS Services

Is your state considering new Road Weather Information Systems installation, but not sure how to maximize your information resources and stay within your budget? Need a company experienced in RWIS site location evaluation?

Do You Have Questions Like The Ones Listed Below:

  • Where are the best locations around my state for our new RWIS network?
  • What other weather information systems are available in my state?
  • How can I be sure the information can be used for monitoring and forecasting?
  • What sensors should I have installed at each site location? (Air Temp, Dew Point, Visibility, Solar Radiation, etc.)
  • How do I coordinate atmospheric requirements with our own transportation Hot Spots?
  • Who has experience in site evaluation of new RWIS sites and can answers these questions and more?

Meridian is not in the hardware business. Our interests lie in ensuring that future Road Weather Information Systems provide the best and most accurate information possible. This allows us to provide an objective and impartial opinion about sensors and location selections. Meridian has developed detailed procedures for site location and for new statewide Road Weather Information Systems.

Key Elements To Evaluate Site

  • Work closely with District transportation personnel

    (No one understands better the unique microclimates that can occur than those who maintain the highway system.)
  • Identify existing Mesonet components around the state and current owners.
  • Evaluate each site location for proper sensor selection.
  • Record global positioning system coordinates for each location to ensure accurate sensor readings for forecasting activities.
  • Work with DOT to identify power and communications availability.
  • Prepare a detailed report to use during RWIS RFP quotations:
    • Detailed written report of each site location
    • Still and Video images of site
    • Recommendations for sensor package (monitoring sites vs. forecasting sites)
    • Maximize the network based on planned number of units.

Meridian stands ready to assist you and your state in minimizing expensive mistakes of duplicating weather data sites, while maximizing your weather data information sources. Contact us for additional information on this or any of Meridian's Transportation Weather Services.