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Network Strategies

Meridian's Network Strategy services are designed to help you gain the maximum reliability and competitive effectiveness from your IT infrastructure. Our services include:

  • Data Storage and Management
  • High Performance Computing
  • Network Design and Re-engineering
  • Data Integration
  • Systems Migration and Upgrades
  • Unix/OpenSource operating systems

Data storage and management

As the business world relies more on digital materials, data storage and secure back-ups are critical for protecting valuable information. Meridian offers customized, comprehensive storage and management solutions to address your business needs. Our experts can help you create a redundant, resilient, and robust system designed to continue operating in the face of severe problems and faults.

High Performance Computing

Few consulting companies possess experts in High Performance Computing. Meridian maintains expertise in:

  • Managing, designing, and installing HPC systems...
  • Writing and adapting code for HPC systems...
  • Managing Cray supercomputers and parallel Linux clusters.

Network Design and Re-engineering

Our network design services are intended to help you create robust networks and facilities that:

  • Integrate outside systems and data
  • Increase efficiency and bandwidth within existing networks
  • Improve remote site connections and communications
  • Reduce maintenance and operating costs

Data Integration

Our technology experts can provide a custom solution for your data situation. We can take data from one or more data sources, regardless of format, and provide it in the collective and usually integrated data in the format you need.

Meridian also works heavily in creating event driven data feeds by polling data sources. When data changes, you will stay informed through an automatically generated event notification, sent to you through an assortment of techniques, from email to mobile messaging.

Systems Migration and Upgrades

Our network experts successfully migrate and upgrade your systems without an interruption in service. Some of the services provided are:

  • Migrate from one ISP to another
  • Deploy redundant services
  • Change firewalls
  • Set up web servers

Unix/OpenSource Operating Systems

We are a very strong Unix company with expertise in the OpenSource community and development, including:

  • FreeBSD and Linux
  • Solaris, HP-UX, and AIX
  • Cray's UNICOS and others

Our flexible and customized approach allows us to meet your business needs.