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Maintenance Decisions Support System (MDSS)


Poor travel conditions are one of the Nation's leading cause of weather-related deaths and injuries. Providing proper road maintenance is impacted by factors ranging from crew scheduling and resource allocation to road weather and traffic. Empower your maintenance supervisors with an advanced decision support system that evaluates the way you manage your roadway and responds to the effects of chemicals, traffic and weather to promote greater mobility and safety.

Meridian's transportation-focused suite of Maintenance Decision Support System (MDSS)management tools allows you to find a solution to meet your maintenance decision making needs. The Meridian state-of-the-science MDSS provides detailed and accurate information at the maintenance route level that enables you to more effectively maintain your roads while optimizing your resource use and reducing costs.

Choose Meridian's MDSS "one-stop-shop" for maintenance and road weather to make informed and sound decisions.

  • MDSS Pooled Fund Study
    The Pooled Fund Study (PFS) is a multi-state Maintenance Decision Support System (MDSS) research effort for state transportation agencies.   [ Enter Here ]

Spectrum of MDSS Solutions

Not all road maintenance needs are the same. Meridian provides an MDSS solution that meets your agency's needs.

Recognizing this Meridian provides a suite of custom services to permit an agency to best meet local needs. These features include:

  • Selection of deicing/anti-icing chemicals from a list of accepted chemicals
  • Route-specific road treatment recommendations responsive to single and/or multiple lane maintenance efforts
  • "What-If" scenario generation to account for possible unexpected situations or to try new maintenance approaches
  • Viewing of past, current and future road weather and pavement conditions in either a regional or route-specific view
  • Customizable presentation of desired maintenance and weather information
  • Support for desktop and in-vehicle maintenance reporting include support for automated vehicle location (AVL) reporting

WebMDSS - Learn more on how your agency can receive detailed site-specific weather and road forecast information for selected highway locations, providing detailed hour-by-hour changes.