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Event Specific Weather Evaluation (Inforim)

Weather impacts all aspects of our lives, and your business, property, or livelihood is no exception. Meridian offers a solution to many event specific situations, including:

  • Specific weather conditions during an accident
  • Hail or other weather events that destroyed crops, equipment, or buildings
  • Verifying weather conditions for possible legal actions

Meridian's Inforim™ brings together a massive database of weather information along with our Forensic Meteorologists to provide a comprehensive review of events at your defined time and location.

Tier I Investigations

This high-resolution investigation analyzes the possibility of an event in relationship to your specific timing and location. This report provides an answer to the question of whether an event was at a given location.

Tier II Investigations

This more thorough and detailed report provides an in-depth look at an event during your specific time and location. Your Tier II investigation includes a scientific analysis and summary discussion of the event as it effected the exact location specified.

Contact us today and let us help you in evaluating specific weather events!