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Forecasting Services

Whether you're planning a family outing or a major utility estimating energy load requirements, knowing the weather conditions and the impacts of the weather in advance are important. To provide reliable information on upcoming weather conditions where localized impacts play a prominent role requires approaching weather forecasting in a sophisticated manner using knowledge and advanced computer-based tools to achieve the maximum level of forecast accuracy possible.

Meridian Environmental Technology maintains a staff of highly skilled meteorologists who utilize the latest advanced computer-based tools, ranging from in-house high-performance computer models to the latest in forecaster decision support workstations, to provide around-the-clock forecasting services to Meridian varied weather services markets. Following the concept of the four-dimensional (4-D) weather data cube, Meridian forecasters are able to provide site-specific weather forecasts that are high-resolution in terms of space and time for forecasting needs that extend from the surface to above the troposphere.

Maintaining a constant vigil for rapidly changing localized conditions to monitoring for variations in both regional and global climatic conditions, Meridian provides support to a vast array of customer needs, including: