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Advanced Transportation Information Services

In 1996, the founders of Meridian setout to prove a single-point of access was possible for a statewide traveler information system, providing travelers with the necessary information to make travel-related decisions. By 2001, Meridian was operating the nation's only multi-state, statewide Advanced Transportation Information System.

This technology for single-point traveler information was recognized by the Federal Highway Administration in 2001 as a model for the Nation's First 511 Guidelines. Since then, 511 has become the choice of travelers for up-to-the-minute traveler information.

Transportation and information technologies continue to advance, and travelers are using both in their everyday lives. These travelers are getting information, just a few of which are:

511 Clarus Enabled
  • Road conditions
  • Route-specific travel weather
  • Traffic congestion
  • Accidents
  • Transit
  • Tourism
Advanced Transportation Information Services

Meridian represents the only provider of statewide traveler information system services in existence in the United States with over 12 years of day-to-day operational experience including the integration of existing system within transportation agencies designed to limit the cost and training requirements some associate with 511.

Unlike most of the recent 511 service providers where it is "their way or no way," Meridian's solution is dedicated to public service and is available in a number of integrated configurations. Our continuous operations provide you with an answer to your current or planned 511 service. Regardless of the project size, whether highlighting a specific road, or covering an entire region, Meridian is your 511 weather forecasting solution.

For details on how Meridian can solve your advanced transportation information system needs, contact a Meridian representative about making a visit to your organization to explain the Meridian solution and to answer any and all questions you have about 511.